Breast Lift (Mastopexy)


Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Descent and deflation of the breast naturally occurs with time, in response to loss of breast volume and weakening of the supportive tissues within the breast.  Weight loss, hormonal changes, child bearing, or a combination of all of above may contribute to this process. Dr Matthew Camp provides breast lifting procedures in Minnetonka, Edina, and Burnsville, MN.

Goals of Breast Lift

  • Lift and reshape the breast to a youthful form.
  • Correct asymmetric breasts
  • Reduce large, stretched areolas (the darker skin around the nipple)

About Breast Lift Surgery

The breast lift is achieved by rearranging the breast tissues and tightening the skin and may be combined with the addition of a breast augmentation implant to improve the upper pole fullness. Sometimes it is possible to correct the sagging with an implant alone, which results in much less scar tissue. This procedure is performed in the operating room with the patient asleep under the care of a board certified anesthesiologist. The procedure takes 2-3 hours to perform. After the case is over, you go to the recovery room, and are then sent home. You will need someone to drive you home.


What to Expect During Recovery

Sleeping in a recliner or propped up with pillows will help minimize swelling. You can expect to be up and about the day after surgery. Some temporary bruising, swelling, and numbness of the breasts can be expected. A long acting numbing medicine is administered that makes the surgical site numb for approximately three days. The recovery is short, with return to normal activities usually occurring within 14 days.


Nipple sensation changes occur in some patients. If the nipples become very sensitive, this generally resolves in 3 weeks. In the event you have a numb nipple, this may be permanent. Sensation, if it does return, comes back in 6 months.

Recheck Appointment

You will have a follow-up appointment the day after surgery for drain removal, and then re-checks at one week and three weeks post-op.

Return to Work

Most patients are ready to return to their everyday activities within 1 to 2 weeks, with strenuous activity limited for one month or more.

Often Asked

 How much does a breast lift cost?

The lift alone without implant is $9,000.  Many patients desire increased upper fullness, which requires a breast implant in addition to the breast lift. This combined procedure is more involved and includes the cost of the breast implants. The total cost is approximately $12,000. Financing options are available.

How long will my lift last?

A breast lift improves the appearance of your breasts for years. The natural aging process, pregnancy and weight changes will likely cause your breasts to sag again. Results may be prolonged by the placement of implants during the procedures.

Is there a breast lift without surgery?

It is possible to achieve a lift with an implant alone, if the breast just suffers mild deflation. This is still a surgery, just a less involved one.

Will a breast lift affect my ability to breastfeed?

The data supports the ability to breast feed in 75% of patients.  However, if you are planning on future children Dr Camp will advise you to hold off on surgery, as pregnancy and breast feeding will adversely affect the results of your correction.