Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

Matthew C Camp, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

In the competitive world of plastic surgery, gaining acceptance to a training program is no easy feat. While test scores and honors memberships are often used as metrics, they don’t paint the full picture of what makes a good surgeon.

Studies in psychology and surgery reveal that personality traits play a crucial role in surgical success. Traits like conscientiousness, diligence, agreeableness, kindness, and emotional stability are just as important as intellectual prowess. A good surgeon is
detail-oriented, patient-focused, communicative, and unflappable under pressure.

Surgery isn’t always perfect, so you need a surgeon with a steady hand and a reassuring demeanor. The before and after experience matters too. A great surgeon takes the time to listen, explain, and provide comfort during every step of your journey.

During your consultation, pay attention to how the surgeon interacts with you. Do they listen attentively? Are they genuinely friendly and low-pressure? A good surgeon will never rush you into elective surgery or push unnecessary services.

When choosing a surgeon, trust your instincts. Take your time to meet different surgeons and find the one who makes you feel confident and cared for. Remember, the right surgeon can make all the difference in your surgical experience and outcome.