breast implants

Optimizing Breast Augmentation

Matthew C Camp, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Breast augmentation with silicone implants has become a popular procedure among many women seeking to enhance their physical appearance and boost confidence. However, obtaining optimal results requires more than just choosing the right implant size.

One key factor is setting realistic expectations and goals prior to surgery. Patients should have a thorough understanding of the limitations and potential risks associated with the procedure. Communication between the patient and surgeon is crucial to ensure that the patient’s desires and expectations are fully understood and considered during the surgical planning stage.

Another important aspect is the three-dimensional structure of the implants and how they will interact with the breast tissue. Implants should be chosen based on a patient’s unique anatomical features and desired outcome. Proper preoperative planning is essential to assess the patient’s breast shape, size, and skin quality to determine the appropriate implant style, size, and placement.

Additionally, the position of the incision relative to the inframammary fold is crucial for optimal results. John Tebbets, a pioneer in breast augmentation surgery, developed the High Five Measurement System that uses the base diameter of the implant to determine the location of the incision. Often, the incision must be placed inferior to the fold as the fold drops in response to the implant. Understanding these principles lead to good results. Failure to understand them can lead to scar map positioning, and need for corrective surgery.

In conclusion, obtaining optimal results in breast augmentation with silicone implants requires a thorough understanding of the patient’s anatomical features and realistic expectations, as well as proper preoperative planning and a skilled surgeon. Patients should do their due diligence in selecting a qualified and experienced surgeon and discuss their desired outcome carefully before proceeding with surgery.