The Importance of Wearing Supportive Bras after Breast Augmentation (Bras Matter!)

Matthew C Camp, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Breast augmentation is not just about increasing size; it’s also about enhancing shape. Many patients come to clinics with a vision of the ideal post-surgery look, often inspired by images of models with full cleavage and pert breasts. However, achieving this desired look goes beyond simply choosing a large implant – it requires proper support, and bras matter more than you might think.

Large breast implants may initially give the appearance of fullness, but over time, gravity takes its toll. Implants can sink, causing the upper pole to deflate while filling the lower pole of the breast. To maintain a youthful and perky appearance, it’s essential to choose a moderate-sized implant and complement it with the support of a well-fitted bra or bikini top.

In our clinic, we often encounter patients who are dissatisfied because their results don’t match their “look book” models. However, by demonstrating the transformative power of proper support with the right bra, we can show them that they can achieve the desired cleavage and shape.

Moreover, bras play a crucial role in preserving the long-term aesthetic results of breast augmentation. Some patients mistakenly believe that augmented breasts require no support. However, the weight of implants, which can be substantial, necessitates even more support to maintain the desired shape and prevent sagging over time.

Consider this: a 250cc implant weighs about 0.55 pounds. That might not sound like much, but over time, the cumulative effect of gravity can cause implants to shift and lose their youthful appearance. This is where a supportive bra becomes indispensable. By providing additional support, bras help to distribute the weight of the implants evenly, reducing strain on the surrounding tissue and ensuring a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

In essence, the relationship between bras and breast implants is symbiotic. While implants provide a foundation for enhanced size and shape, supportive bras play a crucial role in maintaining the desired appearance over time. So, when considering breast augmentation, remember that bras are not just accessories – they are essential partners in achieving and preserving the look you desire.