Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)


Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

One of the effects of massive weight loss is excess skin. A very common problem area is excess skin that hangs off the back of the arm. This can be very troubling for patients, especially since they have gone through the difficult process of losing the weight, but they still have the appearance of obesity. Doctor Matthew Camp is happy to offer arm lift to patients in Minnetonka, Edina, and Burnsville, Minnesota.

Improvements from Arm Lift

The overall goal is to contour the arm and remove the excess skin. The result is clothes fitting better, and the shape of the arm reflects the toned muscle underneath.

About Arm Lift

Dr. Camp performs this procedure in an outpatient surgical center, staffed by a board certified anesthesiologist. The procedure itself generally takes three hours to complete. During the surgery, a long acting numbing medicine is instilled into the tissue. This provides a recovery with minimal discomfort. The incision, which is on the posterior aspect of the arm along the triceps, is closed with buried dissolving sutures, and sealed with surgical tape. No sutures need to be removed.

What to Expect During Recovery

First 1 to 2 Days

Most patients experience minor soreness and swelling. Sleeping in a recliner or propped up with pillows will help you sleep on your back and minimize swelling. There will be drains in place to remove excess fluid from the arm. A compression garment for the arms will be provided to aid healing. The drains are removed in a week, and it is recommended that you wear the compression garment for 6 weeks. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe oral pain medication you can use to control discomfort, if needed. Expect to be up and walking on the day of surgery, but not driving. Also consider arranging care from a friend or family member for the first 24 hours following surgery, and possibly a day or so longer.

Recheck Appointment

You will have a follow-up appointment approximately 8 days after surgery.

Often Asked

How much does arm lift cost?

Arm lift costs approximately $7,500. Financing options are available.

Is it safe to combine arm lift with other plastic surgery procedures?

When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, arm lift can be safely combined with other procedures such as a tummy tuck and liposuction.  Patients appreciate attaining multiple improvements with a single surgery and recovery period. It is suggested that no surgery be performed on the legs at the same time as arm surgery, as it is more difficult to recover if all four extremities are involved.