Eyelid Surgery


Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Sagging of the upper eyelid skin and dark bags under the eyes can be corrected surgically with minimal downtime. Dr Matthew Camp performs these procedures in Minnetonka, Edina, and Burnsville.

Improvements from Eyelid Surgery

The results of this surgery are both cosmetic and functional improvements.  The excess upper eyelid skin is reduced, resulting in improved visual fields, and the lower eyelid procedure removes the bags that convey an appearance of age and fatigue.

About Eyelid Surgery

This surgery is carried out in the operating room at an accredited surgery center under local anesthesia. The upper eyelid skin is carefully reduced and closed with fine sutures. The lower eyelid bag can often be corrected at the same time without cuts on the lower eyelid. This is achieved using a minimally invasive approach that camouflages and blends the lower eyelids with the face using fat transfer.


What to Expect During Recovery

The recovery from this procedure is generally quite fast, about 3-7 days on average.  Temporary dryness of the eyes and burning may also occur, especially if you have a history of dry eyes. Bruising, if it occurs, generally resolves in two weeks.

Return to Work

Patients are typically ready to return to work in one week and can return to an exercise routine in three weeks.


Risks involved in this procedure include temporarily blurred or double vision, blindness (extremely rare), infection, swelling and bruising, and temporary difficulty in closing eyes.