Breast Reduction & Lift- After Care Instructions

Breast Lift, Reduction, & Revision- After Care Instructions

While resting, keep your head and shoulders elevated on at least two pillows for the first 24 hours. It is advised that you have someone to help you around the house for the first couple days as you will be sore.  The breasts often feel swollen and tight. The nipples may be very sensitive. This all subsides over the next few weeks.

A light diet is best for the day of surgery. Begin by taking liquids slowly and progress to soups or Jell-O. You may start a regular diet the next day.

If you have pain or discomfort, take the pain medication every 3-4 hours. It is best to take pain medication with crackers, Jell-O, etc. If you have no pain, do not take the medication. Alcohol and pain medication should not be taken together.

Small drains may be used to draw off any accumulating fluid after surgery. The bulb should be kept collapsed at all times. The fluid will need to be removed from the bulb every 3 hours. Please keep a record of what time and how much fluid is emptied from the bulb. Bring this record with you to the office appointment. Usually, drains are removed 48 hours after your surgery. The drains will not be removed if you have drained more than 30cc within a 24 hour period.  You may shower 12 hours after the drains have been removed.

You will have surgical adhesive tapes in place over your incisions after surgery. This will protect the incision for 3 weeks. You can shower with the tapes in place. Once the surgical adhesive is removed, we will initiate scar therapy with Biocorneum scar gel. This is to be applied to the scars twice daily for 3 months. This leads to a rapid reduction in the visibility of the scar over a short period of time.

You should wear a camisole or sports bra for the first 6 weeks. It is advised that you pick up some lactation pads to line your bra, as sometimes the incisions leak yellow or red fluid for the first couple weeks.

It is important to be seen by Dr Camp after your initial post-op checks. He will see you in follow-up appointments at 1 week, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 6 months and 1 year post-op. We will make these appointments for you. 


If you have questions or need immediate care, please call Dr Camp anytime on his cell. There is no such thing as a minor question. I would rather you call me than wonder and not do the right thing, so please call my office, or email me anytime.


Dr Camp

507-383-3134 (Cell)