Echelon Surgical Specialists provides an outstanding patient-centric experience by emphasizing integrity, safety, and results.  At the heart of our values is our commitment to a safe and positive patient experience by utilizing best practices in the field of plastic surgery along with a dose of old-fashioned customer service.

From the face and neck, to breast and the whole body, we have you covered! Our team brings years of experience and technical excellence, delivered in a down to earth manner. 


Dr. Matthew Camp, M.D.

Dr. Camp focuses on delivering skilled, personalized care in a warm, caring environment.  Patients have a private text line and phone connection,  so they are free to ask questions or raise concerns without navigating a call tree or negotiating triage.


– Breast Reduction

Dr. Camp was so friendly and caring throughout the entire process, he answers your calls and questions post-surgery in a very timely manner and is always concerned about your well being. Him and his staff were wonderful and calmed my anxiety in relation to the surgery. He did a wonderful job and I am very happy with the result.


– Vollbella

I am in my 50’s and through age and hereditary my dark circles under my eyes have been getting worse and make me look tired all the time. This procedure eliminated the dark circles and bags under my eyes and made me feel more youthful! I have more confidence in my appearance now!
Dr. Camp was kind, informative and had great bedside manner which is very important to me. I would recommend him to anyone.
Note: this filler however is not a long term fix- I have had it done several times and have found the full effect only last 3-4 months. Dr. Camp has suggested fat grafting as a more permanent solution to this problem. I have decided I will most likely go that route in the future.


– Breast Augmentation & Tummy Tuck

Dr. Camp exceeded my expectations. I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. He’s is very attentive and in my opinion a perfectionist. I am so happy with my procedures and would highly recommend him!


– Neck Lift

Dr. Camp completed liposuction on my neck. I am not a person who makes hash decisions; prior to seeing Dr. Camp I had multiple consultations with several plastic surgeons. Dr. Camp and his staff were wonderful from the first consultation to my post-op exam. They were caring, attentive, and engaged. They listened to my concerns, provided me with options, and walk me through the entire process. I am currently 1 week post-procedure. My results get better and better every day. Hands-down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made 🙂


– Facial Fat Transfer

I look great thanks to Dr. Camp. I had facial fat grafting to get rid of the deep channels under my eyes. Just a smidgen of fat from my stomach placed under my eyes made such a difference. I love the way the procedure turned out. I look younger and less cranky. Besides adding fat under my eyes, he put some on both check bones to make them appear more prominent, a subtle but nice improvement. He’s a really nice guy, in addition to being a good surgeon. I highly recommend him.


– Facelift

Dr Camp was very informative and caring. He explained every detail you would need to know. His after care was extraordinary going out of his way to make recovery very easy. His personality was relaxing if you were nervous about anything. I would recommend him highly. Thank you


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